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Hello, I’m so glad that you’re here! This is the place where you’ll get intrigued and inspired.

In my music, I combine electronic compositions with vocal work and found sounds to take you on a journey wherever you want to go within you. I’m also a passionate sound educator, so follow me and keep coming back to stay up to date when my next workshop/talk is. Have fun!

Live sets

Watch live set video stream played during Marry Klein Festival in Munich on 11th June 2020 at the Harry Klein club. Awesome Live Visualisations by Jeyrototo. Stream support by the Bayerischer Rundfunk

Latest Project | MARCH 2020
Soundwalk – Connective listening at Munich Creative Business Week and beyond

In the soundwalk made for Munich Creative Business Week, the keyframe “Design connects!” has been transformed into an audio experience. Visitors are led to certain places in the area, start a special sound playlist, hear unexpected sounds that cast a new perspective on this particular location.
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Release | APR 2020
“The Mosaic” EP
Album cover showing DNA and album title "The Mosaic" by Kata Dumur
The story behind it explores the unbearable beauty and devastation that it carries.
News, Interview | APR 2020
Interview with Kata Dumur – PEG podcast series
Kata Dumur in studio

I had the pleasure to chat with Phantom Electric Ghost of @expansive_sound_experiments as a guest in his podcast series. ?? Enjoy!

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Public intervention with sound | JUL 2019
Nolli – the genderless urban voice assistant

Who is Nolli?
Nolli is a hypothetical genderless voice assistant in public space. Hypothetical because at the current stage it is not an interactive application, it is rather a start of a discussion about what it means “genderless voice” and also what it means “human” in that context.

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