Kata Dumur is a composer/producer and sound artist balancing between ambient, industrial music and classical influences. Working eagerly on the crossroads of film and new media arts.
music composition | music production | audio UX research | sound education

Latest release

“The Mosaic” EP published on 3rd of April 2020

“The Mosaic” EP has been originally written as music for a short contemporary dance piece in 2019 inspired by Kata’s collaboration with young dancers of Modern Dance Theatre Istanbul. The story behind it explores unbearable beauty and devastation that it carries. Spectators witness a symbiotic relationship – The Mosaic – between two very different beings: the Tulip and the Virus, and in the final scene, their ultimate destruction.

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Latest project

MARCH 2020

Soundwalk – Connective listening at Munich Creative Business Week and beyond

In 2020 human beings need to connect first and foremost with their environment and treat their surroundings thoughtfully. Where do we live? What is the quality of living in this particular area? Could it be better for future generations? Our sound walk will encourage the participants to ask these questions and to experience a new perspective of the surrounding world.

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Soundwalk through Maxvorstadt where the participants dive into unexpected sounds and noises. Be ready to discover new perspectives on the world around you.

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