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Workshops at Music Is_ of the Future festival in Munich

The event with Kata Dumur (Munich/Warsaw) consists of 2 workshops:
Introduction to Ableton – for beginners
Creating Music With Sounds Around You – for advanced musical creation.

We will take a look into inspirations in works of many artists and try to create a simple electronic track based on the field recordings of sounds around us. The participants will be provided with tips on how to start music production, what free software is out there and where and how to look for sounds. To build a track we will use Ableton Live, therefore participants will also learn the very basics of this software and laying out the production.

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Quan Tize (Dresden) and Kata Dumur (Warsaw) combined their styles and names to form a new band in 2013, based in Munich, Germany. Working remotely at first we came up with the idea of remixing one of Kata’s songs “Gave Up”. It turned out to be a completely new song and a real starting point for their first band DM-KD. As time goes by Lichtpause has been born out of a need for more audiovisual experience. In Lichtpause Kata and Quan combine thier passion for 3D mapping and interactive visualisation with electronic sound. First shows are planned for March 2019.

They like to call their style electronics full of feelings, combined with real instruments’ sounds like piano or strings and layered vocals.


For Lichtpause future live shows we’ve created a concept which combines 3D mapping, creative coding and interaction in order to give the audience not only musical but overall new media experience – so watch this space! Generally, we see Lichtpause as a wide artistic project, that’s why we create all of our videos and develop our web presence ourselves.

Female Entrepreneurs Munich

If you want to start your own business, then this group is for you. If you already run your business and want to create products & services that are more in line with who you really are, then this group is for you too.

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