cassette with electronic music
MMMM – Motiv8 remix

Remix for a Latvian electro band MMMM finally available on a limited edition cassette and of course everywhere online!


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Single “Alve”

“Alve” is an ambient/downtempo experimental piece taking the listener on a calming yet intriguing journey. Starting slowly, textural ambiance and detuned chants pull into a universe of its own.

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EP “Sacred Geometry”

“Sacred Geometry” is a triptych that explores ethereal spirituality in modern times. From meditative calmness to euphoric beats this musical journey reaches to the roots of the spiritual awareness and it’s forgotten realms. Taking inspiration in Bulgarian choral music, the EP points at metaphysical experience created by its harmonies and clashes it with electronic beats, which take the listener to the present day and the culture of rhythm.


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