Kata Dumur – In her own words

2 years ago
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Over the last 2 years, Kata Dumur has been carving a name for herself in Europe as a Singer/songwriter and music producer. Read about her amazing musical journey in her own words.


I originally came from Warsaw in Poland, but have always felt like a citizen of the world. I knew since childhood that I wanted to be a musician, as music has always had a very special place in my life. I tried guitar and piano, but what grabbed me the most was electronic music and computer programming. In experiments with tape recordings and late 90s computer applications I found the way I wanted my music to go.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

Be more radical!

On the second day of Forward Festival I had A_NEW_DAY performance slash talk marked on my list right after number one of this day – Stefan Sagmeister (funny video from that coming soon). Artists of A_NEW_DAY project told, sung, drawn the story of the main creator Sascha Bém as he found himself in a life-changing situation after having a car accident. Sascha spent months in recovery and that made him think new about his own music. Until now, he worked as a rock drummer with many bands, and that work has been very structured and well planned. Suddenly, the music just came to him and needed to find a way out, so completely different as before, Sascha wrote the song, which he heard in his head. He just let it flow.

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