Kata Dumur is a composer/producer and sound artist balancing between experimental electronics and modern classical music.

Born (and lived many years) in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2013 she is a half of electronic duo Lichtpause (former DM-KD), where she writes and produces together with Quan Tize. Her original music is inspired by achievements of electroacoustic composers, the art of soundscapes and 80. new wave. Dark yet soft, projecting emotions and psychological states of the human mind, resulting in experimental ambient with an occasional kick.
Kata is currently based in Gräfelfing, Germany.

Artistic CV Excerpt

2018 Professional Certificate in Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute Munich

2017 – 2018 Professional Certificate in Electronic Music Composition at Point Blank Music School, London (EMC Completed with Distinction)

2017 Creative Entrepreneurship Certificate, Universität der Künste, Berlin

2012 Master of Arts in Digital Media and Communication at 
Warsaw University, Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences

All unsigned artworks on this website are made by Kata Dumur.