DM-KD stands for [domestic-music] (Dresden) and Kata Dumur (Warsaw), who combined their styles and names to form a new band in 2013, based in Munich, Germany. Working remotely at first they came up with the idea of remixing one of Kata’s songs “Gave Up”. It turned out to be a completely new song and a real starting point for DM-KD. Their music: electronica full of feelings, atmospheric, dreamy, darkish combined with real instruments’ sounds like piano and strings and deep yet soft layered voice.

In 2014 our song “Falling Down” has been warmly acclaimed and described as “[…] electronic, dance and synthesizer sound with tight vocal, moody and minimal”.

Albert from wrote: “[…] they have two great, somewhat dark, electronic tracks posted on their website. Fans of earlier 4AD bands like, say, Clan of Xymox should definitely check this out.” That put a big smile on our faces!

“Structure” EP is the first full release of our original compositions written and produced in last 2 years and is a journey into atmospheric, dreamy, darkish electronica combined with deep yet soft, layered voice.

Released on October 23rd, 2016
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