Live Set in Z common ground (06.04.2019)

During feminist Minifestival Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon 3.0 I have played my longest (1.5 Hours) live set so far. It was a big Challenge 😉 What helps? Improvisation and experimentation to play around and to create a new structure of the track.

About Z common ground

4000 sqm, 60 Artists and Cultural Workers – from March to The end of May 2019, Project Z activates the untapped potential of the former Commercial courtyard at 36 Zokkestraße, in Munich Laim. Under the Motto «The renewal of», the Building, as a Material And Field of Experimentation, also offers all Actors the Opportunity and freedom to rethink, use and shape the existing (free) space. At the beginning of March, all Participants move into the House, and individual Areas are already open to the public. From the Opening On September 30, 2009, the end of the year. On 1 April 2019, the entire Building can be experienced as a large Exhibition, venue, Festival and collective Artwork. A Project of the Association for The Promotion of Urban Art In Collaboration with the Cultural Department of the City Of Munich.