“Sacred Geometry” out on September 1st.

The whole EP is weaved around a choral motive, which I wrote after discovering Bulgarian choirs and the sacred music of that region. I found the harmonies magical and mysterious at the same time, touching some other dimension. It is exploring spirituality in modern times, that’s why I clash the choir with synths and beats. Someday I hope to perform it with a real choir.

The EP had a premiere at a festival in Strasbourg on September 1st 2018. 

“Sacred Geometry” is a triptych which explores ethereal spirituality in modern times. From meditative calmness to euphoric beats this musical journey reaches to the roots of the spiritual awareness and it’s forgotten realms. Taking inspiration in Bulgarian choral music, the EP points at metaphysical experience created by its harmonies and clashes it with electronic beats, which take the listener to the present day and the culture of rhythm.

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